Once bit and twice shy….



For those who love dogs you know how much value they bring to your life.  For me, my faithful animal friend, Chloe has brought so much joy and companionship to my girls and myself.  I never really wanted a dog but seven years later I’ve fallen in love with her.  Interesting thing about pets is, they are so loyal.  Have you ever yelled at your animal for doing something you thought they did wrong, only to find out it wasn’t their fault at all?  They have no defense or voice to tell you they are innocent.  They just take the scolding and after you realize you’re in the wrong and apologize they love all over you as if it never happened.  Forgiveness is first on their unconditional love list.  They will wait patiently all day long by the door so they can be the first one to great you!  Excitement is an understatement of the joy they display when they see your car pull in the driveway.  They greet you with wet kisses and wagging tails, letting you know they are so happy to see you.  My favorite part is when I’m sad, she won’t leave my side.  It’s as if she knows my heart is broken and she is letting me know she is sorry and will be with me through the pain.


The thought of hurting my faithful friend would not be something I could imagine.  A few weeks ago, while grooming her things went terribly wrong.  It was a day like we have experienced many times before.  I get the grooming supplies out and make a nice warm bath for her.  We use the same relaxing lavender shampoo and conditioner to help make the process less stressful.  Meanwhile, Chloe has performed her MIA routine as always and I must go on a search to find her. It’s like she has a radar telling her that the dreaded grooming is about to happen.  So, I must capture her before this process can begin.  I bought a brand-new pair of scissors and just loved how they were cutting through her hair like butter.  Until…..yep I cut her, and she jumped back and yelped.  Frantically, I look to see how badly I injured her.  Unfortunately, it was very bad and she should have gotten a few stitches.  After calling the vet, and hearing how expensive it was going to be I opted for option two, tending the wound myself.  I decided to nurse her back to health without the stitches, which would require a lot of attention.  I bought iodine, gauze and put on her thunder coat so she wouldn’t dig at the injury.   My heart ached as I had to nurse her back to health.  Every time I looked at the cut I felt horrible and couldn’t say I’m sorry enough.  I couldn’t take back what I had done but I wanted to.  When I had to apply the medicine, she would flinch and I’d have to earn her trust again.  Slowly after weeks of healing the wound was healed.  There will be a scar and when I see it I will be reminded of how I hurt her and what it took for her to regain my trust.


This reminds me of a woman’s broken heart.  I hear so many times men questioning why she just won’t forgive him?  Why sorry isn’t enough?  Or, why she just can’t move on?  Maybe for the man it was just viewing a few nude photos, or a quick affair that meant nothing to him.  But to her the wound is deep, the betrayal is unforgivable and the pain is unbearable.   This cut will take a long time to heal over.  


For the man, he might feel horrible and have apologized a million times.  But just like the dog story, sorry won’t close the wound.  Pretending it didn’t happen won’t make the pain go away.  It will take time and patience to nurse her back to trusting  again.  And for some women, trusting again will never happen.  I’d like to say though that with patience and time a heart can be restored.  It will take the hand of the master who created that heart to repair it again.


God has the time and the patience to heal any broken heart.  And with time and attending the wound daily, healing will come.  She will learn to trust again, hope again and love again. There will always be a scar  that will remind her of what she went through and that’s ok.  When God sees the scare, he will always remember the time they together, tended that wound and regained trust between them.  In time, she will talk about the injury and the journey to healing that she had to take.  Just like my dog, sorry wasn’t enough to fix what I had done.  Time, trust and assurance had to occur for her to be restored.  God is the restorer of our hearts and will make all things new! 


Not matter what injury that you have had in your past, God wants to heal that wound.  With his love, patients, mercy and grace he will lead you to forgiveness of the offender and take you by the hand into your healing place.  Where is such a safe place?  In his arms and they are outstretched toward you.  He is waiting to lovingly restore your heart and give you a new hope, vision and future.  Trust him, he is the great Physician and will take all the time needed to restore what was broken. 


Psalms 147:3   He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.



This is Chloe, I’m forgiven and she is healed and loving life! The scar remains but the pain is gone!




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