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Her Hearts Cry Logo

Designing a Logo takes time and creativity.  It needs to be created to make a statement about what your company/business is all about in just a few words or images.  It takes time to find just the right logo to bring out your mission and grab people’s attention.  It needs to be a one of a kind reflection that will tell everything people need to know about the company.  

As I was playing around creating a logo to share about my upcoming book publication.  I thought about how God designed us.  The time and care he must have put into creating everything about us.  From the outward beauty of a little dimple when we smile that  he placed in just the right spot,  to the inward beauty of compassion he downloaded to make us unique.  He designed us to have everything we need to show someone the elegance of who we are and who are maker is.  We are his master piece!  He made us to be a one of a  kind logo that shouts our  beauty.  I pray you take the time to look within yourself for the beauty that God created in you. 

I know too well the pain that devastates a woman’s identity when her husband is addicted to pornography.  The image in the mirror is now looked at as a disappointment or flawed.  This is a lie from Satan and not the truth!  I pray God shows you your beauty like you have never seen it before.  He has given you everything you need to please your husband.  It is NOT your fault that his eyes see someone else’s beauty instead of yours!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made!  Psalms 139:14  Your first love dances over you everyday and his logo design for you shows every creative, beautiful and strong quality you have.  He is honored to pass out his business card with you image on it.  He is a proud designer of his masterpiece…..”YOU”!!       woman-looking-at-teeth-in-mirror.jpg

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